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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu, Bln Lapan Lima Puluh Tujuh

Ngueh ngueh ngueh!

Aku telah pon di tag oleh Arnie.. Huhu... Aku bkn gheti sgt tag tag nih.. Anyway, it's about patriotism! ;)

Memandangkan aku tak gheti jugak nak komen panjang, I just wanna state here that I am proud to be Malaysian too.. Just like other Malaysian.. Tetapi... Merdeka bkn setakat ini shj okey. Byk lagi aspek lain kita kena "merdekakan". So Malaysian, bangkit laa.. Ecehwahh... Ok, here it is...

*begin copy*

1-Add your site(s) to the list if you're a proud Malaysian Blogger!
2-Pass this tag to as many Malaysian Blogger as you know, or if you're interested but nobody tags you, just include yourself volunteerly. Show some patriotism!
3-Once you've done posting this tag, leave a comment HERE! and you will be visited by a Malaysian local fruit, Mangosteen by the name of Mango! and added to the Master List.
4-Update list regularly to ensure every Malaysian Blogger gets equal link benefit.

I am a proud Malaysian blogger

1. mangosteenskin - Saya anak Malaysia! 2. Life is too short to be ordinary - Malaysia Tanahair Ku! 3. Sha's Love & Passion - Aku Anak Merdeka 4. A room of crazy scrapper - Merdeka!Merdeka! Merdeka? 5. Fliffy - Aku Patriotik, Sayang Malaysia ! 6. Rizal 7. haniz - Merdeka Forever! 8. Prozak Nation 9. CarolPinky - Proud Malaysian! 10. Mariuca - I heart Malaysia! 11. Emila’s Illustrated Blog - Saya Anak Malaysia juga 12. Simple Life - Sam - Saya Anak Malaysia 13. Shemah's My Sweet Escape - Live, Enjoy and Love.. MALAYSIA! 14. Mariuca's Perfume Gallery - Made in Malaysia! 15. Yani-Tennitodoku-Proud to be a Malaysian-MERDEKA! 16. Bluecrystaldude from My Little Black Pot - Saya Harap Malaysia Terus Maju! 17. Apples of the eyes 18. Snapshotcap - Freedom of choice is made for you my friend :) 19. Anaheus 20. Confessions Of A Breathing Tote Bag 21. A Great Pleasure - Malaysia is a food paradise ~ simply yummy~licious! 22. Mummy HnH - Harith and Hannah - MERDEKA 51st Celebration!!! 23. Shafie - I'm Here For U Malaysia 24. Nessa - Happy 51st Merdeka, Malaysia! 25. marvic 26. D H E A S Y A - Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu, Bln Lapan Lima Puluh Tujuh 27. Asian Mutt International 28. Point Blank - Sokonglah Pelancongan Domestik, Malaysia Cantik Indah Nian! 29. you're next!

*end copy*

Mcm biasa laa, kena pass tag nih kan.. So, I'm passing this tag to...
Ely, Shida, Raihan, Anamiraa, Rizza, Lovebaby, Cik Yan, Cik Erna, Cik Lola & Mama Adib & sape-sape yg baca post aku nih...

"Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yg ke-51"


p/s: Pict (ATC) tu bole pilih either one ok.. Nak letak 2 skali pon bole jugeee....


mangosteenskin said...

hi deasya!!

i added u to the list at no 26. please update ya. after u finished working with ur link at merdeka slogan, get back to me so i can update mine!!

thanks so much! love or malaysia!

mangosteenskin said...

happy merdeka day!!

if possible, update the list by copying it from the beginning ya! i've corrected some broken link, including yours! sory for that.

rizza said...

sya ..lupa nak bagitau..yg ni aku dah buat.. hehhe